Wabbit Wedding

Circa: 1990

This was the first full on cel painted and colour animation film I ever made. When I was about fifteen. It was a present for the wedding of some family friends.

I did all the animation and my mum helped a lot with the painting of backgrounds and cels. It was shot on a big old clunky U-matic rostrum in a studio belonging to the lovely Animation People.

My Night with Maude

Saw – My Night with Maude Today. It was a very good philosophical film by Eric Rohmer from 1969.

There’s a great second act where the three main character are having dinner and discussing philosophy, religion and love. That part reminded me very much of Dinner with Andre. The debate seems to be about if life is meaningless or has a purpose as well as fate and coincidence vs planning things. 

The protagonist is pretty unlikeable but the two women who are like ying and yang of each other are great characters Maude especially is a brilliant character. There is great contrast between their apartments also and really good little elements of production design that highlight this. Also interesting is the way that the protagonist acts differently with each of them. 

The setting is a  Beautiful sixties French town in Winter. It is strange to go see a winter films in Summer.


Went to see Ivul today at the Renoir. I really enjoyed it a lot. It’s visually stunning, with beautiful production and locations, weaving season and nature into the story.

The French countryside is so strongly evoked as is the crumbling Chateaux. In the winter sequences especially you can almost feel the cold. It has a lot in common with Agnes Varda’s Vagabond in that respect. The sound design is also interesting, a collage of avant garde music and naturalistic effects, but not done in a heavy handed way.

It reminded me both of The Cement Garden and Titus Groan in elements of the story. There was some beautiful use of backwards film efffects, time lapse and acrobatic tree climbing. Sometimes the stock footage really jars you out of the story. Good performances and what looked like a lot of improv – especially with the little girls who are great. I felt the middle sagged a bit – especially as the first act sets it up as Alex’s story and then he disappears almost entirely in the second act.