Looking at Print on Demand for Tales from the Blue Room

Tales From The Blue Room my Cover Design
Tales From The Blue Room – Rough Cover Design

Looking at Print on Demand for Tales from the Blue Room

In the process of putting our book together I have had a look at some of the print on demand websites out there. There’s a lot to consider but I thought I would share some of the options and the prices I discovered…

https://www.createspace.com/ (an Amazon owned company that prints books) you’re looking at a cost of $4.09 for every copy you buy.
Selling the books through them on their sites (Amazon etc) you can set the retail price to whatever you like, and Amazon then take a cut of that.

http://www.lulu.com (another US company) 100 paperbacks cost estimate: £382.50, so cost per unit: £3.83 This doesn’t include delivery. They can sell through Amazon Kobo ibooks etc and I think their commission is 20%

http://www.printondemand-worldwide.com seems more for professional publishers who don’t need help with distribution/online sales. 100 paperbacks cost: £351.27 so cost per unit: £3.51. Delivery estimate: £15.00

http://www.troubador.co.uk/matador.asp – Matador seems like a good option if you want someone to take charge of all the elements. However they do have a selection process and reject some manuscripts…
Pre-press: the work required to turn a 180 page MS Word novel manuscript into print ready files (includes typesetting, design, ISBN, bar code, cover… everything to make the manuscript ready for printing): approx. £680.00

Printing is on top:
Printing 1 copy “on demand”: £3.48
Printing 100 copies: £340.00
Printing 500 copies: £1080.00
Printing 1000 copies: £1540.00

And here are 20 other print on demand services:

20 Top Print On Demand Services

The Wolves of Willoughby Chase

The Wolves of Willoughby Chase (The Wolves Chronicles, #1)The Wolves of Willoughby Chase by Joan Aiken

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A drily witty gothic adventure story set in England in an alternative early Victorian era. Bonnie and Syliva are two orphan girls, whose governess and guardian – the evil and brilliantly named Miss Slighcarp – is determined to cheat out of inheriting the family pile – Willoughby Chase. They would runaway from home, but wolves dwell in the snow covered winter woods that surround the house ready to eat up small children and anyone else who dares to travel at night.

I really enjoyed this book. Its two rambunctious and brave girl heroines have a touch of Edward Gorey about them and the story has genuinely nail biting wolfy-moments as well as shades of The Woman in White and Lemony Snicket. All in all a great fun read for kids.

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Tales from the Blue Room

Tales From The Blue Room my Cover Design
Tales From The Blue Room – Rough Cover Design

I designed this book cover for an upcoming self-published anthology of new short fiction. I have a couple of short stories featuring in the anthology.

I will post a link to the collection when it becomes available. But meanwhile here’s the cover blurb…

A man and woman on a date, behind their masks neither is what they seem.

Sarkovski builds a tower in his garden as a monument to his lost love.

Samir has a crush on his new friend. He joins him on a drunken weekend spree.

Coming out to his lover’s family at Christmas pushes Cosmo over the edge.

A couple’s romantic holiday turns sour when the wife is left to take care of the goat.

Marian loves committees and has a special way of dealing with those who disagree.

An East Midlands family christening, names are called and secrets revealed.

Travelling in time, a man revisits his past and meets his childhood sweetheart.

All these stories & more feature in this eclectic mix of short fiction. Coming soon from 8 writers who meet fortnightly in the Blue Bar at the Royal Festival Hall.