Certified Copy

Saw – Certified Copy. A really interesting philosophical film on relationships. Rather like My Dinner with Andre meets Before Sunrise.

It seems to be about two people meeting for the first time and going on a date or is it about a married couple who are reliving their past? Or is it about two people pretending to meet, or pretending to be married or is it actors pretending to be people pretending to be married? Who knows what’s real and what is the copy?

I love Juliette Binoche she is such a likeable  actress. Her performance is always beautiful and human. She won the palm d’or for this role. There’s a great moment where she waves at the audience – and it turns out to be someone out the window. Lots of intimate straight to camera shots of both of them. The guy is good too, but his character is a bit more nebulous I felt.

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