Headless baby

This reminded me of the headless way… 

Yesterday I saw my sister, and her baby girls – Lyra,  aged  22 months and Avery, 4 months. My sister told me about a trick or experiment you can play on small babies.If you put a dot on their face and sit them in front of a mirror they won’t try to wipe away the dot. But there’s a point in their development when they realize it’s their reflected face and put a hand up to wipe away the dot.

My sister said, the other day Lyra was eating dinner and  got a blob of sauce on her face. When she saw her reflection in the mirror she laughed and pointed at the sauce, to show it to mummy.

I thought –  she’s learnt dual consciousness – realized there’s her self and the world. Since I last saw her she’s become a little girl  and I can see a big difference between her and her baby sister. Now she’s  can do all kinds of little things with ease that she would’ve found difficult last time we met.

So that learning of self is sad in a way, but also wonderful too. Also it made me realize, I probably don’t visit my nieces enough!

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