Looking at Print on Demand for Tales from the Blue Room

Tales From The Blue Room my Cover Design
Tales From The Blue Room – Rough Cover Design

Looking at Print on Demand for Tales from the Blue Room

In the process of putting our book together I have had a look at some of the print on demand websites out there. There’s a lot to consider but I thought I would share some of the options and the prices I discovered…

https://www.createspace.com/ (an Amazon owned company that prints books) you’re looking at a cost of $4.09 for every copy you buy.
Selling the books through them on their sites (Amazon etc) you can set the retail price to whatever you like, and Amazon then take a cut of that.

http://www.lulu.com (another US company) 100 paperbacks cost estimate: £382.50, so cost per unit: £3.83 This doesn’t include delivery. They can sell through Amazon Kobo ibooks etc and I think their commission is 20%

http://www.printondemand-worldwide.com seems more for professional publishers who don’t need help with distribution/online sales. 100 paperbacks cost: £351.27 so cost per unit: £3.51. Delivery estimate: £15.00

http://www.troubador.co.uk/matador.asp – Matador seems like a good option if you want someone to take charge of all the elements. However they do have a selection process and reject some manuscripts…
Pre-press: the work required to turn a 180 page MS Word novel manuscript into print ready files (includes typesetting, design, ISBN, bar code, cover… everything to make the manuscript ready for printing): approx. £680.00

Printing is on top:
Printing 1 copy “on demand”: £3.48
Printing 100 copies: £340.00
Printing 500 copies: £1080.00
Printing 1000 copies: £1540.00

And here are 20 other print on demand services:

20 Top Print On Demand Services

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