Saw Miral at the London film festival. A look at the lives of three generations of Palestinian women living in Jerusalem.

Focusing on – how the Israeli-Palestine conflict affects them personally. Great performances by the leads especially Frieda Pinto.

It is very interesting to see a western film skewed to the Palestinian point of view. The fact that its also in English and lays out the history -albeit one sidedly makes it very accessible. The overtly styled camera work is very distracting to begin with but eventually settles down. The script contains some terrible clunking dialogue some of it sounding like a history lecture on political events and the actors do well to read it with any kind of naturalism. The character of Miral doesn’t really grow and the end feels abrupt, as if all the parts don’t quite add up to the whole.

But for someone with little idea of the history of the conflict I found it an illuminating and humane examination of it.

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