Mord Em’ly

Mord Em'lyMord Em’ly by William Pett Ridge

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It is refreshing to read a Victorian story of the time where the young teenage heroine is a cheeky, sarcastic, badly behaved character, who mouths off to everybody else in the book. So different from demure Dickensian girls, and even the sassy ones, like Miss Nipper or Nancy, don’t have the kind of banter that Mord Em’ly (Maude Emily when not rendered in some of the weirder phonetic cockney of the book) comes out with. Of course, despite her bad start in life, Mor’d Emly comes good in the end, rising up from her teenage street gang beginnings to become a more respectable grown woman, but even through this, she is still very much her own bloody-minded stubborn self.

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