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More of MeMore of Me by Kathryn Evans
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More Of Me revolves around the newest of many clones, Teva. Teva is sixteen and trying to lead a normal life, and yet time is running out for her…

Teeva’s mother, and various past-versions of herself, have been hiding out for years behind a high wire fence and a locked coded gate. Meanwhile, inside their suburban home, an insane reality is playing out. Once a year Teva splits like an ameoba into an identical other – a replacement for her older (yet younger) self. In six months, it’s due to happen again. To Teva Sixteen.

This weird premise feels fantastically unique, yet Kathryn Evans treats in such a matter of fact and human way that you totally buy into it. All the differently aged Teva clones are vividly drawn and it is a brilliant metaphor for the idea that our personalities are constantly growing and in flux. As the story moves on, Teva tries to solve the mystery around her being, but she must still go to school, cope with the interest of two different boys, one of whom is still in love with a previous clone – Teva Fifteen, and keep the secrets of her home life from her best friend Maddy.

Like each clone before her, Teva colludes with her mother to hide the rest of her selves, which creates strong feelings of guilt. More of Me is also about how alien you feel as a teen, and how frightened you are of your peers finding out you’re not what might be considered normal. This comes across very strongly in Kathryn’s writing, especially with the bittersweet quality of the ending. The set up also made me think of stories where paranoid parents lock their children up – like the movie The Wolfpack -but perhaps that link is a little more tangential!

Overall I really enjoyed More of Me, it’s beautifully written and I would categorize it as a mix of teen-drama and uniquely original science fiction.

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