Over your cities grass will grow

We saw this yesterday – Sophie Fiennes  documentary about the work of industrial artist Anselm Kiefer.

It is beautifully shot with long dolly shots around the crazy landscapes the artist is creating in his property in Barjac, the South of France.

Nothing in the film is explained or contextualized it is just all about the images and how they effect you. In this context the music by Jörg Widmann and György Ligeti I found a bit grating and emotionally didactic. Also some of these sequences felt a little bit too long.

I knew nothing about Anselm Keifer going in and little more now – except that he makes beautiful paintings and sculptures. I suppose really that is all that’s important. 

The fact there is no  explanation or obvious narrative  makes you feel like an alien observing these strange landscapes, looking for clues. Keifer becomes like one of those compulsive creative people who sticks seashells to the front of their house or makes doll sculptures in their garden.

Or like a child leading a friends in a game. This is an idea underscored in the middle of the film.  Where Kiefer talks intellectually about his work to an interviewer and they are interrupted by two children playing.

Overall a beautifully executed lyrical film.

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