Say Her Name

Say Her NameSay Her Name by James Dawson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The introduction of the characters in the first couple of chapter was brilliantly funny and all of their banter and bravado had me smiling and laughing out loud as I was reading. It’s has that spine-tingly quality of a good horror set up, where the scares are cut with the laughter for relief – especially in the opening sequence with the summoning scene, which really captured that tone perfectly and was reminiscent of many a classic horror movie.

As the story develops it becomes more of a mystery than straightforward horror, and we start to learn about Mary and what happened to her, as we are drip-drip-drip fed little clues to how she met her untimely end. This dampened the scariness for me a little, because, as is always the case, the more times and the clearer you see the monster the less frightening they become. But I still loved the way the story developed and the overlap between Bobbie’s and Mary’s worlds. Bobbie and Naya and Caine make endearing and funny heroes and the ending seemed a great nod to both Victorian gothic and modern horror movie type stories.

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