Smoking in Bed

Just finished reading Smoking in bed by Bruce Robinson – A brilliantly funny insight into being a jobbing screenwriter and filmmaker.

It is interesting to see how many things he has worked on. Many that  didn’t make it, to screen and others where he was dropped in favour of another screenwriter. I guess these shenanigans are all par for the course in Hollywood. 

He talks about this movie he wrote called Fat man and Little Boy about the invention of the atomic bombs, these were the names of the two bombs they dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

To get the lead scientists to work on the bombs the Americans invented an arms race. They said that the Nazis were working on a bomb too and that was the reason they had to do it. According to Bruce  after the war this turned out to be false information and in fact they were planning to use it against Japan all along. The whole thing sounded very similar to the weapons of mass destruction story. 

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