Cogheart in The Guardian September Children’s Book Roundup

Last Saturday Cogheart featured in The Guardian’s September Children’s book roundup of the best new picture books and novels, along with some other stonkingly good sounding books.

You can read the entire article here…

But here’s what they had to say about the book:

“For readers of eight and above Peter Bunzl’s adventurous debut Cogheart(Usborne) is a steampunky tale of ambition, pursuit and revenge, featuring dirigibles, mechanimals and automated servants in a Victorian setting. When Lily’s father’s airship crashes, she leaves her stuffy boarding school and teams up with Robert, the son of a watchmaker, to search for him. But Malkin the mechanical fox has a message for her; she must be careful who she trusts …”

Legend of the Guardians

Legend Of The Guardians The Owls Of GaHoole UK movie poster quadWe saw this film today with a friend who had free tickets. It was ninety minutes of by the book heros journey / Star Wars gubbins but with owls. Heavy on useless exposition, nonsense myth speak and irrelevant characters – leaving no time whatsoever to develop any depth for the leads – maybe they stuck too close to the book. Everyone did things for the sake of moving the by the numbers  plot along. Visually stunning graphics but all the owls looked the same – they didn’t even have the advantage of being cute or distinctively caricatured as they would in Pixar.