Cogheart reading and Interview – West Thornton Primary

Last summer, I did an event at West Thornton Primary School in Croydon, with the lovely folks from Pea Green Boat Books. The school had the most amazing cakes in their bake sale and they also had their own radio station where they recorded me reading an extract from the book. Afterwards we did an interview for their radio station. You can hear both the extract and interview below…

This is from chapter 11 – the first time Lily and Robert meet…

And here I am being interviewed afterwards by one of the students about what it was like to be a children’s writer…

Thanks to West Thornton Primary for sharing the clips online via Audioboom.



Podcast double- #DownTheRabbitHole & #WordMonkeys

 This week I appeared on two podcasts: the Down the Rabbit Hole Radio Show and the WordMonkeys Podcast 


Down the Rabbit Hole Radio Show

Here’s me chatting to Polly Ho-Yen, and Katherine Woodfine and Mellissa Cox about three new books, each with a connection to poetry and spoken word: You Can Do Anything: Hip and Hop written by Akala, illustrated by Sav Akyuz Overheard in a Tower Block written by Joseph Coelho, illustrated by Kate Milner and Indigo Donut by Patrice Lawrence…

WordMonkeys Podcast 

Here’s me chatting to Matt Brown over on his WordMonkeys Podcast this week — discussing writing Cogheart, Postman Pat, Children’s TV shows, and how I get mistaken for another 72YO Peter Bunzl — and if you like that, there are lots of previous episodes featuring Matt’s writer chats with the likes of Piers Torday, Holly Bourne, Robin Stephens, SF Said etc.




Moonlocket interview on Funkids Radio

In case you missed it when it went out live a couple of weeks ago, here is a listen again version of the Funkids Radio interview with afternoon Funkids club DJ Bex. We chat about Moonlocket and the greatest bits about being an author, and I answer some of the listener’s burning questions about Cogheart!

Funkids Moonlocket interview…

And here’s the original chat we had last year about Cogheart…

December Cogheart roundup

This month I haven’t been doing much eventing because I have been rather busy beavering away on edits of the second draft of Moonlocket, which I just handed in the other day! But there were still a few exciting Cogheart things going on. First up on the first of December I did the Waterstones Piccadilly Christmas event, signing books with lovely Holly Bourne and Juno Dawson. And drink some free mulled wine, it was a great fun way to kick off to Christmas..

Then for the last two weeks Usborne having been running a Christmas advertising campaign of train station poster, I went to see a few in situ, which was VERY exciting! And then, this week, lots of lovely people have been tweeting me sightings of the poster in their local stations. thanks to everyone who sent these fab pics…

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I also did a radio interview that featured on Fun Kids Radio, which you can listen back to that here….

Plus, I did a video chat for the Booktrust, Summer Reading Challenge all about , clockwork creatures & creativity, which you can see here..

Finally I did a twitter chat with Emma Finlayson Palmer for #UKTeenChat, which is a chat about UK children’s and teen fiction that takes place once a month. Here’s a storyify with a few of the Q and As from that chat, I wasn’t able to grab all of them, but it gives you an idea! It was so much fun to be part of…

Other than those many amazing occurrences, it has been a lot quieter for actual events in this run up to Christmas, so I thought I would share a few of the blogposts I have done throughout the year. Coming up shortly in a separate post, here…

Interview with Mark Cridland on Deal Radio Show – ‘Living the Dream’

Here’s a phone interview I did a couple of weeks ago with the lovely Mark Cridland on the Deal Radio show – ‘Living the Dream’ all about how I came to write the story of Cogheart…

Interviewed on Christina Banach’s blog…

Here’s some #mondaymotivation: I did a Q and A interview over on the lovely Christina Banach’s blog, here…

We talked about all kinds of things – automatons, animation, the similarities between writing and film making, time travel, which is better a BAFTA or a Carnegie? It was a fun interview, here’s the gorgeous header picture from Christina’s blog… I wonder if this is near where she lives?


An interview with Peter Bunzl about his stories in Tales From the Blue Room

TFTBR Peter reading Foyles
Peter giving a reading from Tales from The Blue Room

I wanted to reblog this from the Blue Room Writers website, but wordpress wouldn’t let me, so I’ve had to copy and paste the article instead. The questions were originally from the Indie Review Website.

What is the book ‘Tales From the Blue Room’ about?

The book is an anthology of short stories by eight writers. A mix of contemporary characters and settings, magic realism, humour, LGTB stories, and literary fiction. We each wrote about what interested us most and did not try and impose an overarching theme on the collection.

What are your short stories in the book about?

‘The Little Bother’ is about the sibling rivalry between two young brothers who move to Italy with their parents. Away from everyone they once knew, Ryan the older of the two, takes his resentment out on his little brother.

‘Whisky Chasers’ is about Samir who has a crush on Joe, a boy in his class at school. One weekend Joe takes Samir out binge drinking with his friends, and it doesn’t end particularly well.

When did you start writing the book?

Our writers group has been meeting for three years now to review each other’s work and share our writing experiences. About eighteen months ago we decided to create an anthology of short stories as a way of learning about self-publishing. So far it’s been an enjoyable and educational enterprise. The advantage of being a collective is we can split the costs and tasks of self-publishing between us according to our time and skills.

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Interview With the Vampire by Anne Rice


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have the audible audiobook version as it took me many years to get round to finally ‘reading’ this book, but I loved it. I think it has so many great characters and ideas and the prose is so atmospheric and alive, helped here by a good reading by Simon Vance.

The characters are paradoxically human in their dilemmas and concerns with death, immortality, morality, and the truth of life. I loved the way Louis describes things, especially his many description of heightened emotional or altered states. The details of his becoming a vampire, drinking blood, pushing himself to starvation, the grief of losing his friends, lovers and a child are all so vivid and full of blazing detail. In some passages it felt like it was grasping to describe the kind of awareness you would only get in a clear enlightened state, a pure moment of awareness of life – and this is maybe part the metaphor of the vampirism – the feeling of life vs the idea of it propagated by religion or humanity.

All of these scenarios and themes are woven into an exciting and engaging story. The closeness to the characters’ texture and emotions is so strong you really do feel as if you know them, and yet they are larger than life, these are bigger versions of human situations and relationships, reflected through this prism of vampires. Sometimes things do become a little soapy or baroque but on the whole the characters are so engaging and involving that you almost believe they could exist. That’s the end of my review and it came out a lot more gushing than I intended, but I really did love the book!

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Mind Games Features on the Director’s Notes Podcast

Directors Notes

My short film Mind Games featured on episode 43 of the Directors Notes Podcast. You can visit the interview webpage on the Director’s note site here… where there are links to images and subject discussed in the interview. Or listen to the podcast audio here Here’s the blurb they wrote on the interview:

While some projects get turned around at blistering speeds that defy all reason, others need to slowly mature in the background, as was the case for this week’s guest director Peter Bunzl who began work on his animated, thought experimentation film Mind Games in 1996 finally completing it in 2004 once the time was right to re-ignite the project.