Loose Cannons

Loose Cannons

Loose cannons is an Italian comedy about Tommaso, a gay boy  from a rich conservative family in Southern Italy. Though he’s out in his Roman life his family don’t know he’s gay. He and his brother, are to be made head of the family pasta business at a special dinner.

Tommaso decides he will come out at the dinner. Before he can his older brother steps in revealing he is also gay, his father has a heart attack and disowns him. Tommaso is left minding the family business whilst his dad recovers. Should he come out to his family or not rock the boat? Things are complicated by him falling for an intriguing female colleague and the arrival of his sweet boyfriend and camp buddies from Rome.

The film didn’t really live up to my expectations. I thought it  would be more Almodovar in tone. Revelling in the comedy culture clash between the Roman gays and the rich conservative family but this doesn’t occur until act three. For most of the film Tommaso and his dad are in stasis and the middle starts to drag. To cure this the plot moves on to the mother, her sister and grandma – whose youthful affair we learn of in flashbacks.

The trouble is there are just too many different scenes off the main spine, and lots of ideas and characters feel slightly under-developed and unresolved.  The Grandma’s story seems the most separate. There’s a strong thematic connection between her life and Tommaso’s, but this could have been made stronger if she took him into her confidence more in the present.

Both Ilaria Occhini as Grandma and Riccardo Scamarcio as Tommaso give good performances but overall it feels like an ensemble film that’s not quite sure of it’s lead story, soft pedalling both the drama and the comedy.