Last week we went to see this. It’s about a single guy in his forties (Ewan Mcgregor) who’s seventy year old dad comes out as gay after his wife dies.

The dad, brilliantly played by Christopher Plummer, gets a boyfriend, goes out on the scene and joins all kinds of gay groups. Then, he becomes ill and dies with his son and friends around him.

Three years later, his son now meets a kooky French actress at a party – the sort that has escaped from a Woody allen movie – and falls in love with her. Given that he’s a commitment phobic slacker will they get it together?

All three stories – the coming out, the death and the new relationship – run concurrently. The relationship between Mcgregor and Plummer’s characters is beautifully drawn, probably because it’s based on Mill’s own relationship with his dad. The kooky French actress story line is not nearly as interesting and feels more constructed. I thought maybe it would’ve been stronger if she had met the father, and her story overlapped with his rather than occurring three years later.