RailheadRailhead by Philip Reeve

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was given a proof copy of RailHead to read and loved it. Packed with adventure and filled with unique story elements, it’s a great sci-fi heist story with a retro steampunky feel. Set on an interstellar rail network winding through the stars where, instead of spaceships, old fashioned trains travel through wormholes to visit other planets.

There’s lots of intriguing world building that feels very immersive but is also in service of an interesting plot – rather than as can sometimes be the case, where you get slightly lost in the details of the world. It reminded me in parts of Perdido Street Station, and other theme elements are reminiscent of The Diamond Age or The Windup Girl, but being YA SciFi it feels more zingy and fun, light on its feet! Plus there’s lots of amazing cliff hangers as Zen the young petty thief must use all his wits to perform the heist of his life on a speeding train!

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