Return to Wonderland released!

This week Return to Wonderland is released into the world. I have a short story in this wonderful book along with eleven other wonderful contemporary children’s writers, and here is the first line of my tale:

I can’t wait for you all to read the book, when it comes out on the 27th with MacmillanKidsUK! You can preorder the book before that frabjous day from waterstones here: …

An interview with Peter Bunzl about his stories in Tales From the Blue Room

TFTBR Peter reading Foyles
Peter giving a reading from Tales from The Blue Room

I wanted to reblog this from the Blue Room Writers website, but wordpress wouldn’t let me, so I’ve had to copy and paste the article instead. The questions were originally from the Indie Review Website.

What is the book ‘Tales From the Blue Room’ about?

The book is an anthology of short stories by eight writers. A mix of contemporary characters and settings, magic realism, humour, LGTB stories, and literary fiction. We each wrote about what interested us most and did not try and impose an overarching theme on the collection.

What are your short stories in the book about?

‘The Little Bother’ is about the sibling rivalry between two young brothers who move to Italy with their parents. Away from everyone they once knew, Ryan the older of the two, takes his resentment out on his little brother.

‘Whisky Chasers’ is about Samir who has a crush on Joe, a boy in his class at school. One weekend Joe takes Samir out binge drinking with his friends, and it doesn’t end particularly well.

When did you start writing the book?

Our writers group has been meeting for three years now to review each other’s work and share our writing experiences. About eighteen months ago we decided to create an anthology of short stories as a way of learning about self-publishing. So far it’s been an enjoyable and educational enterprise. The advantage of being a collective is we can split the costs and tasks of self-publishing between us according to our time and skills.

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