Tales From The Blue Room

Tales From The Blue Room Book Cover, designed by Drew London

A self-published short story anthology for adults released by my writer’s group in 2014. 

A man and woman on a date, behind their masks neither is what they seem. Sarkovski builds a tower in his garden as a monument to his lost love. Samir has a crush on his new friend and joins him on a drunken weekend spree. Coming out to his lover’s family at Christmas pushes Cosmo over the edge. A couple’s romantic holiday turns sour when the wife is left to take care of the goat. Marian loves committees and has a special way of dealing with those who disagree. At an East Midlands family christening names are called and secrets revealed. Travelling in time, Tom revisits a lost moment and a childhood sweetheart.

Tales from the Blue Room: An Anthology of New Short Fiction features stories from 8 writers who meet fortnightly in the Blue Bar at the Royal Festival Hall. The book is available on Kindle or as a paperback through Amazon Marketplace. You can read samples of Peter’s stories here: The Little Bother  // Whisky Chasers.