The kids Are Alright

Saw this today also at the film festival. Lisa Chodolenko’s film about Lesbian parenting and the troubles that occur when the two teenage kids decide to contact their anonymous sperm donor dad. His arrival creates conflicts within this seemingly perfect family.

A very funny script. There are lots of jokes at the expense of right on parenting and LA therapy speak. Three amazing leads all charming, funny and cool.

Ruffallo plays a kind of older, more successful version of his character from You Can Count On Me – a debonair ladies man, together on the surface but trouble underneath. Annette Benning is brilliant as the uptight perfectionist mum of the ‘mums’ and Jullianne Moore is the dippy hippy one who is more of a laissez-faire buddy parent, but they really feel real as a couple. The kids are good too.

I really loved the movie. My one criticism Although the plot – Lesbian moms, sperm donors, is new for Hollywood. Everything else around this is totally Hollywood.

Everyone is drop dead gorgeous, they all live in amazing houses. Mark effortlessly runs a trendy organic restaurant despite the fact he is supposed to be a bit unreliable. Moore and Benning have token ‘bad points’ Benning drink too much but only a little, Moore is a flake, but other than that they’re all pretty perfect.

I guess the moral is alternative families can be succesful too and if the drama is too great or the characters are too out there that obscures the message. Overall though a funny heartwarming film.

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