This Book is Gay

This Book is GayThis Book is Gay by James Dawson
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A funny, frank, and straightforward guide for teenagers to everything LGBT. This is such a good idea for a book and I wish it had been around when I was growing up. It covers all sorts of issues from questioning your sexuality, to coming out, to school bullying, to the gay scene, to youth clubs etc, to gay sex, to trans issues, to notes to parents of LGBT teens.

Basically everything a teenager would have questions about when realizing your L G B or T and having no one to talk to about the nitty gritty of it all. And it does so in a witty and friendly voice, with loads of quotes and asides from all kinds of people about their lives and aspirations as LGBT folks.

It’s straightforward and matter of fact, and it ends on a holistic note about not letting yourself become all about your LGBT identity or becoming ghettoised in that culture but also being who you are and blossoming in other areas of your life. But obviously in a much more kid-friendly and hip way than I’ve just expressed it!

There are so many great mentions of LGBT heroes and role models or iconic LGBT texts and films etc scattered throughout the book, that I hoped at the end there would be a list of them all, and there was, which was great. I think it’s so important for young people to know about these famous and successful figures and their work, artists and creatives and scientists and politicians and sports people who were or are gay – because that part is always the part that people omit in bios etc. or at school in history of social studies. And when you’re young and LGBT its so important to see those flourishing figures. My one issue was the list was very contemporary and British and it would’ve been nice to add a few figures from history and few more international folks to the list. Also Tilda, but no Derek jarman? But it is a great book and I think any young person who read it would find all the asides and the information an incentive to investigate whatever they found interesting further.

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