Check out this fantastic review of #Cogheart from Booklover Jo over on her blog….
This is my favourite bit!!
This compelling story will hold you tightly in its grasp until you turn over to the very last page and you can finally breathe again. It manages to feel contemporary and vibrant whilst capturing perfectly the Victorian spirt of invention and discovery with the possibility that anything can be achieved and that you are only limited by your imagination… An extraordinary story, exceptionally written it truly is a future classic which will be enjoyed by children and adults alike.
Jo has been an amazing supporter of the book over the last couple of months. Shs not only a book blogger but also a fabulous librarian, and it was so great getting to meet her and her Chatterbooks group at the end of the summer term, and chat with them all about the book.
With Jo Clarke's ChatterBooks Group

With Jo Clarke’s and her ChatterBooks Group