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Introducing the Cogheart Adventures

Cogheart Adventures Q and A

How to write adventure stories with Lit Film Fest

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My 6 Favourite Animal Sidekicks

Shadowsea Book Reveal


Readingzone: Introducing Cogheart, and writing advice

An Introduction to Cogheart

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An Introduction to Skycircus


Reading Shadowsea Chapter One

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Reading the Moonlocket Prologue

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Short Films

Crow Feathers – short film

A boy and his mum live on an isolated farm. One day a crow man crashes into their world. Mask characters and animation combine in this dreamy, fairytale, narrative, short. 6 mins.

Mike 360 – short film

A 360 degree pixelated extravaganza. 1 min.

On The Upside – short film

An elderly couples lives are turned upside down when he gets stuck on the ceiling. Gravity may have given up on him, but she certainly hasn’t. A comic look at co-dependency. 7 mins.

Sonnet – short Film

Sonnet 141 by William Shakespeare. A short super 8 film featuring Kate Rawson. 1 min 30 seconds.

Goblin – short film

A goblin’s attempt to cross a dangerous ravine is thwarted by a butterfly and a rock. 40 seconds.

Enchanted Life – short film

A man reminisces about his previous life as a magician and the joys and pains it caused him. 2 minutes 40 seconds.

Mind Games – short film

In a secure institution scientists monitor the thoughts of prisoner 364, but who is the woman he is contacting in his dream? 3 minutes.

The Garden – short film

Ben tries to plant the seeds of something extraordinary to bring his father out of a deep depression. 7 minutes.

The Collector – short film

A father and son embark on a surreal hunting trip to catch flying books. 3 minutes.