Below you can see how the Moonlocket cover was designed by Kath Millichope and illustrated by Becca Stadtlander…

Now that you’ve have some insight into how Kath goes about creating the covers for the Cogheart books, and Becca goes about illustrating them, why don’t you have a go at designing your own Cogheart Adventures book cover?

You need to decide on a strong background colour for your cover.

You will need a catchy one word title.

And a big circular object in the centre of the cover that relates to that title.

You will also need to feature Robert and Lily and Malkin doing something really adventurous.

Add a few mechanimals and airships, maybe some buildings showing where the story is set. And perhaps some clouds and a few sparkly stars.

Then you will need to add the Cogheart logo at the top.

Finally you will need to put the authors name on the cover, at the bottom. That’s me, unless you plan on writing this book, in which case go ahead and add your name instead!