Draw your own literary map like the ones in the Cogheart Adventures…


Download the Cogheart map of London 


Download the Moonlocket map of Brackenbridge

Maps illustrated by Becca Stadtlander and Antonia Miller © Usborne Publishing, 2017

Draw your own literary map

Here’s a map of some of the places Robert and Lily visit in Cogheart and Moonlocket. I love adventure stories with maps in. When I first read Lord of the Rings I traced the characters’ journey with the book’s map and it felt almost as if I was on their quest with them!

What are some of your favourite books with maps?
Maybe you could bring one in and discuss it with the class?

Have a go at creating your own literary map by drawing the place where your characters live. It could be of a city, or a town, a county, or even an island, anywhere you like, real or imagined. Think about where your character might live on your map. What does their house look like? Draw it in.

What modes of transport do they use to get around? Add those too. Are there monuments or landmarks? City buildings, rivers, mountains, woodlands, coastlines? Draw those in too. Now add some names to your map to help suggest what the different places are like.

Can you write a short story about a journey based on your map?