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Cogheart Book Launch

After what seems like years of waiting, on Thursday the actual official Cogheart Launch day actually arrived, and we had a BIG Party to celebrate at the beautiful Daunt Books in Marylebone. Here are some pictures from the night…

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I was so nervous the night before, I barely slept, even though the book has been out a month and had been doing really well, it still felt like this was the OFFICIAL launch. Mainly because loads of friends and family were coming and I had to write a speech, and I was going to make some cog biscuits too, but by Wednesday evening I hadn’t done either of those things… Of course, those kind of big dos always make me REALLY nervous so I wouldn’t have slept anyway, no matter what, but there we are!

On Thursday morning I got up at 6, and since I had been thinking about what to say for hours, instead of getting some rest, I made a cuppa and turned on the computer straight away and wrote the speech. I tried to have a normal day, going swimming and to the supermarket, and then I made the biscuits in the afternoon to take to the launch. It was a warm day and so bloody hot with the oven on, and batch baking all the biscuits I suddenly realized how many there were, and I thought, what a bloody stupid idea to bake biscuits for your own launch, I must recommend to people NOT to do it! Plus it felt like being on bakeoff because I thought I’ll never get them done in time! But it was fine in the end and it used up so much of my nervous energy…

It was a beautiful sunny evening and M and I got a taxi to Daunts with everything. The streets were quiet, the sun low, and the driver coasted all the way. I was so nervous and excited, but it was a good excitement, like sailing on air, and I knew it was going to be brilliantly, fantastically OK.

Then when we arrived we set everything out and I sat down to sign a few book for friends who had arrived early… and didn’t get up, or stop signing, for an hour-and-a-half, until it was time to do the speeches. But it was great to chat to everyone who came to get books signed, and even better – I didn’t have time to be nervous about speaking in front of so many people. The rest of the evening went by in rather a blur, I got lots of lovely cards and presents from lovely people, and took rather a lot of pictures, and then, with the last few people, tumbled out of Daunts at nearly nine after a superb evening, and it was all over… Except then we ended up in two different pubs having a more drinks!



Cogheart Blog Interview

Here’s some #mondaymotivation: I did a Q and A interview over on the lovely Christina Banach’s blog, here…

We talked about all kinds of things – automatons, animation, the similarities between writing and film making, time travel, which is better a BAFTA or a Carnegie? It was a fun interview, here’s the gorgeous header picture from Christina’s blog… I wonder if this is near where she lives?