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Crow Feathers screens in Cornwall Film Festival

Cornwall Film festival poster

Cornwall Film festival poster

Crow Feathers screens in THE EDGE selection. Sunday 11th November. 09:55 am!! Screen 2 at The Lighthouse Cinema Newquay.

Crow Feathers to screen with selection of international experimental and non-narrative short films in competition for a £100 cash prize sponsored by Falmouth Art Gallery. Dedicated to the memory of Falmouth Art Gallery curator Brian Stewart. Screening line up:

Crow Feathers wins Creativity Award at Forster Film Festival

Foster Film Festival Creativity Award

Foster Film Festival Creativity Award

Crow Feathers won the Creativity award at Forster Film Festival, Australia. It screened on the 28-30 Sept at the festival, and afterwards in the festival tours of the local region. Here’s what the festival said about the award in their email to me: ‘Our Creativity Award honours an artist whose work contains creativity, imagination and originality and makes a significant and unique contribution to independent film. We look forward to seeing more of your work! Please waive entry fee for all future submissions.’

Crow Feathers features on Wimbledon Shorts Poster

Crow Feathers screened at the Wimbledon Short Film Festival on the evening of  the 21st of July. A still from the film was featured on their poster and on the cover of their programme!

Wimbledon Shorts 2012 Poster Featuring Crow Feathers

Wimbledon Shorts 2012 Poster Featuring Crow Feathers

Crow Feathers wins Best animation at Wimbledon Shorts Festival.

Crowfeathers Wimbledon Certificate

Crow Feathers – Wimbledon Shorts Award

Sat 21st July 2012 – Crow Feathers won the Best Animation Award at Wimbledon SHORTS Film Festival. It also came third in the Audience Award. Kate Rawson, who plays the boy in the film, was at the screening and collected the award – or rather, certificate – on my behalf as I wasn’t able to attend. The judges called it a ‘Highly original accomplished work showing enormous directorial flair.’

Crow Feathers screens at Grand Action cinema Paris

Grand Action CInema Paris

Crowfeathers screens at the Grand Action CInema Paris

Crow Feathers screened at the Grand Action Cinema on Monday night in Paris, as part of the Nouveaux Cinema Short Film Festival. Here’s me outside the cinema. It is quite a famous Paris cinema chain and this one normally screens classic American movies and Westerns.

Crow Feathers screens at Nouveaux Cinémas Paris

Nouveaux Cinema logo

Nouveaux Cinema logo

Got the screening info for Les nouveaux cinémas festival this summer in Paris. Screening Dates are:


5 rue des Ecoles 75005 Paris

M° Jussieu – Cardinal Lemoine

Projections – débats + Cocktail

Samedi 30 JUIN – Mairie du 6ème; 20H00

78 rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris

M° Saint Sulpice

Projections – débats + Cocktail

Here’s a link for their website: