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Moonlocket published in German

Moonlocket publishes in German on the 12th of September 2021. You can read more information about that foreign edition here:

Die Cogheart-Abenteuer: Das Mondamulett: Eine mysteriöse Geschichte voller Gefahren und rätselhafter Geheimnisse (German Edition)

Kaum haben sich Lily, Robert und Malkin von ihrem letzten Abenteuer erholt, gibt es neue Aufregung. Der berüchtigte Dieb Jack Door ist aus dem Gefängnis entwischt und auf der Suche nach dem rätselhaften Mondamulett. Doch das ist nicht das Einzige, hinter dem Jack her ist – finstere Geheimnisse aus Roberts Vergangenheit verdunkeln den Horizont und schon bald schweben die Freunde in tödlicher Gefahr. Werden sie Jack überlisten und die Wahrheit ans Licht bringen?
Der zweite Band der spannenden Cogheart-Reihe hält bis zur letzten Seite in Atem und entführt die Leser in den Glanz einer vergangenen und geheimnisvollen Welt!

It is available in the UK on Amazon:

SKYCIRCUS book tour and SCBWICON18

It has been a super-busy autumn of book tour events with Skycircus. I visited lots of schools in Birmingham, Bristol and London, with Usborne and also with Pea Green Boat Books. As well as performing at events like Broughton Hall literary Festival, and doing their school events programme with Caboodle Books and Authors Abroad, I performed at the Beanstalk Literary Festival in London for hundreds of lovely Beanstalk readers and reading helpers.

Looking back I see I have been terrible at taking photographs over the months, but luckily lots of lovely teachers have taken pictures, so here are a few…



Last weekend I was at the SCWBI conference – SCBWI stands for the Society of Children’s Book Authors and Illustrators. It is a fantastic weekend for author and illustrators to hone their craft. I got to see a lot of my favourite writing people and Scbwi members, and I also got to be part of their fancy dress party and mass-book launch party with Skycircus. And I got to see my crit group buddy and ace author, Lorraine Gregory win the prestigious Crystal Kite Award for her fab debut novel ‘Mould and the Poison Plot’ It was such a brilliant weekend and I intend to write some more about it later, but in the meantime, here are a few pics…

In the SCBWI mass book launch
With my SCBWI crit group: Tania, Gail, Meira and CRYSTAL KITE WINNER Lorraine Gregory! No Miriam 🙁
SCWBI Party 2018
Lorraine wins the Crystal Kite
With Gail and Meira from my SCBWI crit group.

Introducing Skycircus

It is nearly a month since Skycircus first came out and I have been busily travelling all around the country to tell children about the book on a booktour. But I have just this week had a few calm days at home, so I found the time to make a short video to tell you all a little about the books. And here it is (*warning it does contain a few spoilers about the opening act of the book, so if you hate to know ANYTHING!! about something before you read it, you may not want to watch!)…

In which I explain a little of the plot of #SKYCIRCUS the newest book in the #CogheartAdventures series. Find out what happens to Robert and Lily and Malkin in this spectacular showstopper…

And if you enjoyed that brief introduction to the book, then allow me to read you the prologue…

Secret Staff Meeting Interview

Two weeks ago I went to do a workshops with A Tale Unfolds as part of a new Readingzone project that will be coming soon to help children create book trailers for their favourite books in classrooms. We had a fantastic time at Copenhagen School in Islington working with the kids to create a trailer for Cogheart 

Afterwards Dom from A Tale Unfolds asked if I would like to do an interview for their ongoing youtube series: The Secret Staff Meeting, which is aimed at introducing authors to teachers. Here are the results. We chatted about how I got my start in writing, my background in film, the books and how I write them, things I think should be taught in schools, and my new book Skycircus. You can check out the interview below…

Skycircus cover reveal

On July the third the beautiful cover for the third Cogheart book: Skycircus was revealed by Scott Evans over on his blog:

It was designed by Kath Millichope and illustrated by  and the special circus animation was done by me…

So without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen, boy and girls, welcome to the

The book is to be published on the fourth of October 2018.


If you love pinterest, you can take a look at some of the inspiration for the ideas and characters in the book, here…

And below you can see the youtube version of the cover animation with the Circus music that Usborne provided…


Cogheart Adventures Trilogy to publish in the U.S.

I am absolutely delighted to announce that The Cogheart Adventures Trilogy is to be published in the U.S by Jolly Fish Press, which is a division of North Star Publishing Ltd. I am so excited to work with everyone at North Star and Jolly Fish Press, and the plan is to bring the first book in the series, Cogheart, to the U.S. for Spring 2019. Here is the official announcement…



Starbeck School’s stunning mechanimals

Steam irons and stove pipes! Check out this cogtastic Cogheart artwork sent to me by Starbeck School. There’s diagrams of all the seasons new mechanimals – they all appear to have the latest in poop shoot technology!!! 💩 – plus guides on how to look after your mechanical owl. What to know about your mechanical cat. Instructions for a mechanical guineapig who runs on oil and hot steam! And a story about a malfunctioning robot! Fantastic stuff!

Nakręceni – Cogheart published in Polish

Check it out…

You can now get a copy of Nakręceni – which is Cogheart in Polish – from Akapit Press. Moonlocket is coming in 2018…


Życie 13-letniej Lily znalazło się w śmiertelnym niebezpieczeństwie. Jej ojciec zaginął podczas rutynowego lotu samolotem, a w ciemnościach czają się tajemnicze srebrnookie postacie. Skąd się tu wzięły i czego mogą chcieć?

Lily w towarzystwie swoich przyjaciół – Roberta, syna zegarmistrza, oraz Malkina, mechanicznego lisa – przekracza próg innego, mrocznego wymiaru. Wkrótce jednak przekona się, że życie może się zmienić w ułamku sekundy, a ci, którzy wydawali się najdrożsi jej sercu, teraz mogą to serce najboleśniej złamać…

Dreszcz emocji, detektywistyczna intryga i zagadki – to wszystko znajdziesz w tej porywającej wiktoriańskiej przygodzie.


Księżycowy medalion


Nad Lily i Robertem znów gromadzą się czarne chmury, kiedy na scenę wkracza przestępca doskonały – słynny sztukmistrz Jack Door, nazywany Waletem Karo.

Jack, specjalizujący się w spektakularnych ucieczkach, wydostaje się z więzienia w Pentonville i zmierza prosto do Brackenbridge. Zbieg poszukuje tajemniczego Księżycowego Medalionu, ale to nie jedyna rzecz, jakiej pragnie.

Mroczne sekrety z przeszłości Roberta sprowadzają na niego wielkie niebezpieczeństwo. Iluzjonista wciąga go w okrutną rozgrywkę, a czasu jest coraz mniej. Lily i Malkin muszą znaleźć sposób, aby pokrzyżować plany Jacka, zanim w talii na stole pojawi się ostatnia, zabójcza karta…