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Moonlocket early release copies

Moonlocket is out on Monday the 1st of May –– that’s in THREE DAYS!

But already there are early release copies in bookshops. Over the last week I have been OVER THE MOON to see people going out and getting excited to get their hands on them and sharing images. Many of the lovely booksellers have also shared more pics of the books in their stores already. There was even a display case and a recommendation of the book in Foyles Waterloo – thanks to lovely Bookseller Henrike. And another recommendation in Teddington Waterstones – thanks to the fab booksellers there.

Here are some of the pictures I’ve collected over the week. I am really excited for the book to launch properly everywhere on Monday, and for more people to be able to get their hands on it!

Waterstones Children’s Book Prize Ceremony

The ceremony for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize took place on the 30th of March, last week. I had a fantastic time, and managed to meet a few of the other nominated authors, though not all of them, because I was a bit too tense and nervous to chat. Thanks to Florentyna and all the lovely Waterstones staff and booksellers who helped organize the event and who have supported Cogheart over the last eight months.

Big Congratulations to the winners @kiran_mh and The Girl of Ink and Stars which won the children’s category and the over all prize, and to @lawrencepatrice and Orangeboy which one the YA prize and Lizzy Stewart and There’s a Tiger in the Garden, which won the picture book prize. Brilliant books. Brilliant speeches. Well deserved. And congrats to all the other nominees too.

I was disappointed #Cogheart didn’t clinch it, but @usborne_books bought me a lovely pair of cufflinks and they brought me a gorgeous looking finished copy of Moonlocket in final book form. Designed, as before, by the uber-talented Kath Millichoppe, with beautiful cover illustrations by Becca Stadtlander! Plus this week there was also a preview of the book in The Bookseller by Fiona Nobel.

When I got home I learned that Cogheart had won the Sefton Super Reads Award in Liverpool – which was a lovely surprise, I wish I had been able to attend their event on that same day, but it was a little too far to get back in time!

Cogheart nominated for the Waterstones Book Prize 2017

I’m delighted to announce that Cogheart has been nominated for the Waterstones Book Prize 2017 in the Children’s book prize category. It’s such an honour to be on the shortlist, along with these five other fabulous books. Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk, Beetle Boy by MG Leonard, Time Travelling With a Hamster by Ross Welford, The Girl of Ink and Stars by Kiran Millwood Hargrave and Captain Pug by Laura James. I’m especially pleased to be on the list with my author-buddies M G Leonard and Kiran Millwood Hargrave. The awards ceremony takes place on the 30th of March, really looking forward to it and the chance to meet the rest of the nominees.

Cogheart December 2016 roundup

This month I haven’t been doing much eventing because I have been rather busy beavering away on edits of the second draft of Moonlocket, which I just handed in the other day! But there were still a few exciting Cogheart things going on. First up on the first of December I did the Waterstones Piccadilly Christmas event, signing books with lovely Holly Bourne and Juno Dawson. And drink some free mulled wine, it was a great fun way to kick off to Christmas..

Then for the last two weeks Usborne having been running a Christmas advertising campaign of train station poster, I went to see a few in situ, which was VERY exciting! And then, this week, lots of lovely people have been tweeting me sightings of the poster in their local stations. thanks to everyone who sent these fab pics…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also did a radio interview that featured on Fun Kids Radio, which you can listen back to that here….

Plus, I did a video chat for the Booktrust, Summer Reading Challenge all about , clockwork creatures & creativity, which you can see here..

Finally I did a twitter chat with Emma Finlayson Palmer for #UKTeenChat, which is a chat about UK children’s and teen fiction that takes place once a month. Here’s a storyify with a few of the Q and As from that chat, I wasn’t able to grab all of them, but it gives you an idea! It was so much fun to be part of…

Other than those many amazing occurrences, it has been a lot quieter for actual events in this run up to Christmas, so I thought I would share a few of the blogposts I have done throughout the year. Coming up shortly in a separate post, here…

Cogheart Wolverhampton and Birmingham events

Thursday was a day of fantastic events in Wolverhampton and Birmingham…

On the way up to the events, I went to check if Cogheart was in WHSmith, and it had made the chart… Right next to Awful Aunty!

I arrived in Wolverhampton for first event, which was as Tettenhall College Prep School, and met with Alesha from Usborne. At the school we got to meet the lovely school librarians Debbie and Sue, and had some school dinners – pasta meatballs, and bright pink jelly. Then it was off to the library and the main hall,  an old red brick building that reminded me a bit of Hogwarts from the outside. The hall has a beautiful stained glass window that looks a bit like a big colourful bookshelf. The talk was really great fun, the kids joined in with lots of questions and answers and we even did a little bit of animation – which nearly worked. Afterwards we sold lots of books, and I got to chat to the children about their favourite books…


Then in the afternoon it was off to Birmingham, where Alesha is originally from. She took me on a whistlestop tour of the sights of her hometown, before we ended up at Waterstones for the evening event…


A talk with Katherine Rundell and Anna James. We were a little early so we got to have a coffee and looked about the shop. Then I met Anna and Katherine and we went off to do the event, Anna and the audience asked some really good questions about both books, and it was so interesting to hear how Katherine wrote The Wolf Wilder – which is a beautiful book – as well as to get the chance to talk about my writing process and inspiration. Afterwards we did another signing and met some more lovely readers, and there were at least three Lily’s who bought Cogheart!

Cogheart August 2016 Roundup

This week saw the last few days with Cogheart as Waterstones Children’s book of the month…

It has been one amazing August, glimpsing all the windows and displays that the lovely Waterstones sellers put together, going round shops to sign loads of books, and meeting the fabulous booksellers themselves in reality and online; hearing all their enthusiasm for the book has been truly fantastic.

Thank you, all of you, and to celebrate here is a little slideshow of some of the stupendous windows and table displays of the book that people sent me during a month that went by very very quick! I was a little sad on Wednesday when it was all over….

But then on Thursday – the First of September – the book was out EVERYWHERE, and we had a proper big launch party to celebrate – of which more later! For now here’s the slide show of all the COGTASTIC Waterstones windows…

Cogheart Book-Selfies

Mangles and motors! Take a gander at all the fantastic book-selfies lovely friends and readers have been sending me! I love all of these, so if anyone fancies sending some more that would be COGTASTIC!!

Cogheart Fan Art

Checkout this COGTASTIC Cogheart fan art by @2DWorlds on twitter! I LOVE IT 💕

Cogheart Fan art by @2DWorlds on twitter

Cogheart Fan art by @2DWorlds on twitter

Cogheart Trailer for Waterstones Children’s Book of the Month

Check out the little animated trailer I made for Cogheart as Waterstones Children’s Book of the Month. I re-used all the animation bits from the original book trailer and a created a couple of new animated titles from quotes and blurbs for the book. I think it looks rather spiffing! And Waterstones are now also running it on their youtube channel too…

Cogheart window in Canterbury Waterstones

I made a day trip to Canterbury yesterday – mainly just to see this cogtastic Cogheart window in the Rose Lane Waterstones, which was so beautiful, and really made me smile!! But I also signed lots of books there and at Waterstones on St Margarets Street too – there’s tons of signed copies in Canterbury now. Then we had a walk in the countryside, and spotted this giant waterwheel cog and a bull made of rusted iron! Also had a look around the town, which is so gorgeous, and went in the Cathedral – I think I last visited on a school trip many years ago. It was a fun day out especially seeing the superb window!