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Cogheart August 2016 Roundup

This week saw the last few days with Cogheart as Waterstones Children’s book of the month…

It has been one amazing August, glimpsing all the windows and displays that the lovely Waterstones sellers put together, going round shops to sign loads of books, and meeting the fabulous booksellers themselves in reality and online; hearing all their enthusiasm for the book has been truly fantastic.

Thank you, all of you, and to celebrate here is a little slideshow of some of the stupendous windows and table displays of the book that people sent me during a month that went by very very quick! I was a little sad on Wednesday when it was all over….

But then on Thursday – the First of September – the book was out EVERYWHERE, and we had a proper big launch party to celebrate – of which more later! For now here’s the slide show of all the COGTASTIC Waterstones windows…

Cogheart Book-Selfies

Mangles and motors! Take a gander at all the fantastic book-selfies lovely friends and readers have been sending me! I love all of these, so if anyone fancies sending some more that would be COGTASTIC!!

Cogheart is Waterstones Children’s Book of the Month

Cogheart CBOTM


Cogheart early copies in Waterstones

Cogheart early copies in Waterstones

I am delighted to announce that Cogheart is the Waterstones Childrens Book Of The Month for August 2016!

It has been a crazy couple of weeks, especially trying to keep it secret for the last week of July, when the book was already being set out in Waterstones shops.

People began buying the book, which was INCREDIBLE… but they were also asking me – Why? Why is your book out so early? 

And I had to reply: I don’t know… I couldn’t possibly say! (-because I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone until the 1st of August, on pain of death!)

Meanwhile, I was waiting on tenterhooks for Waterstones to make the announcement about book of the month…

Then, this week, the first week of August, has been all go, with lots of messages from Waterstones shops who have been sending pictures of their fabulous windows and displays of Cogheart on twitter and instagram! Thank you all you lovely Waterstones sellers, there are some truly talented artists out there among you and I’ve been utterly astounded by all the beautiful windows, in-store banners, and signage artwork that you have created so far for the book….

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On Thursday and Friday I did some visits to Waterstones shops around London and Surrey. Stevie, my publicist from Usborne, and Jo, my agent came along too. It was a lot of fun seeing all the different shops and meeting the friendly booksellers, and I signed loads of books in each shop, and even personalised the odd copy for a customer. I tried to do a few different ones among the signed books, so if you look out, you might find the odd book with a hand-drawn robot in! I am hoping to get to a few more shops during the month, and this Saturday (-13.08.16) I’m doing an event at Waterstones 02 Finchley HERE… If you’re free come along and check it out, because it’s free!

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