I had a fantastic time at #YASHOT in Uxbridge over the weekend. Here are some of the brilliant sessions I attended and a few pictures of the events, which took place in Uxbridge Waterstones and the Town hall. I also managed to spot The Boy Who Sailed the Ocean by Lara Williamson in Waterstones Uxbridge… Thanks to Alexia Casale for organising such an amazing event

Surviving Secondary School: The joys of High School and other myths – Chaired by Eve Ainsworth with RJ MorganAlice Oseman and David Owen

Daring Do!: High stakes versus safety nets in MG adventures – Chaired by Sally Nicholls with Emma Trevayne and Kiera O’Brien

Weird and Wonderful: The familiar and the fantastical in MG fiction – Chaired by Abi Elphinstone with Nigel McDowellJason Rohan and Tatum Flynn

Into the Past: Exploring history in MG fiction – Chaired by Emma Carrollwith Katherine Woodfine and Anne Booth

Treasured Land: Nature as a character and concern in YA – Chaired by Piers Torday with Lisa Heathfield and Anna McKerrow

Subverting Stereotypes: Transforming myths, legends and pop culture – Chaired by Lu Hersey with Liz de Jager and Stefan Mohamed